Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground
Kensington Gardens

The Princess Diana playground was recommended by every person who made a recommendation for this trip, and they were so right! It is based on the theme of the Peter Pan story. It was stunning. Fun, unique, mysterious, magical, beautifully (but not stuffily) landscaped. At one point I was brought close to tears it was so wonderful. I arrived before any children were let in. Then, when the clock struck 10:00, the gates were opened and I heard shreaks of joy, "There's a pirate ship!!" WIthin seconds this ship was covered with excited kids.

This dragon's tale, um, tail, stretched far beyond this picture.

These teepees are surrounded by carved totem poles. They are big enough to hold several children at a time. This entire playground is broken up into separate areas that add a lovely intimacy to the playground. You can see the top of the pirate ship from the teepee circle...just enough to entice you to keep exploring.

I was so excited to see these totem poles, which are exactly like those I want to create for the Camp Twin Lakes nature trail.

The entire playground is surrounded by a sensory walk. This chimes are quite large and create an experience of sound for the children.

I need to reread Peter Pan, but maybe these little buildings are reminiscient of where the lost boys lived. They are so simple that I'm quite certain children can create all kinds of fantasies about them.

From a distance these sheep sculptures appeared to be made of bronze, but they are instead carved from wood. There are four or five of them. They are perfect for little ones to climb on. I love this idea and wish every playspace could have climable art.

The night before my visit to the playground was freezing and it had snowed in some parts of London. I'll do more research, but this is certainly a water feature.

This tree is by the entrance gate to the Princess Diana playground. All over the tree are carved little fantasy creatures: elves and the like. I suppose it has to be in this enormous cage to keep little hands from rubbing the paint off (and large hands from carving the sculptures off).

This is all carved out of the tree!

I don't usually like too much "fairy stuff", but this tree is amazing.

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