One Very Busy Week To Go...then PLAY!

This is the Imagination Playground at Burling Slip in New York City as of today:

The grand opening is next Tuesday, July 27th. My goodness, it's going to be busy for the next week.

Way back in 2007, I visited the offices of the David Rockwell Group in New York City to find out about an interesting playground project I had heard about somewhere. I've been a HUGE fan ever since and have been waiting for next week's opening with great expectations. I am very excited to say that I will be there for the great event and will share pictures and impressions here.

Here are shots of the models I saw 3 years ago:

This pictures was taken as if I was standing on the mast of the ship that you see in the real-time picture above. The raised gated end is in the back of this picture, and it is what you see in the foreground above.

If you are a regular visitor to you'll recognize that white piece above. It is the prototype for the Imagination Playground in a Box that we installed at the Bethune Elementary School. The blocks are now bright, bright blue!

That squiggly red contraption in the upper left hand corner of this picture has something to do with making sounds, I think. Can't wait to try that out. The "building" in the middle is where the Play Workers store things, and maybe it's a restroom, too. I'll tell you next week.

You can see all through this playground a reflection of the ships that are just beyond the gate. I love that they are making this site specific. Can I tell you how much I want one on Atlanta's BeltLine? I'm thinking the theme for that one would be trains since that what was the BeltLine is being built on... an old train track that circles the City of Atlanta.

This is the end that you see in the snapshot above. That picture was taken from their on site camera that takes pictures every few seconds or so. This picture appears to have a giant architect in it.

I would bet that the stones in the foreground above are in water. I sure hope so. Water and sand. A child needs water and sand!

Check back for pictures of the real thing next week! And, let me know if you want to help get an Imagination Playground in Atlanta.

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