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A Dream Realized

The Summer Dale Treehouse at Play Chastain (Atlanta, Georgia)

What if you lost someone you loved dearly? There is never a replacement, but sometimes, just sometimes, a memorial or remembrance is so powerful that it touches the heart and softens the blow just a bit. …


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Design a City to Embrace Children, Please

This Capitol Hill (DC) treehouse has sparked debate among neighbors, with some saying it shouldn't have been constructed 20 inches over their property line into the alley. (Larry Janezich/Capitol Hill Corner)

Have you ever noticed how many people who don't have a dog can't tolerate dogs,…


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Vroom With a View

This swing hangs from a treehouse overlooking the Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador. Can you imagine what it must be like to soar out over the volcano with no safely belt - just you and a rope swing? It's kind of funny because when I was a kid  nobody had ever heard of a safety belt. Of…


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Treehouse TV

At long last there is a reality TV show that I want to watch, Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet (Premiere - Friday, May 31 at 10PM EST).  It is about Washington state-based Pete Nelson and his team of treehouse builders. There was an article in the New…


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"Summer's Treehouse" To Be Built in Memory of Chastain Park Teen


"Summer's Treehouse" will be built in Play Chastain in memory of 16-year-old Chastain Park neighbor Summer Dale who died from cancer on November 11, 2012. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today has an article on Summer's generous spirit and love for children. Always looking…


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The Itch is Back

Can you imagine being a 6-year-old girl and climbing into this nest with your best friends? I can see covering the floor of the nest with some kind of soft grasses or even blankets... I'd love for them to be able to bring big pillows and have a spend-the-night party in there. It's brilliant.  It's on a …


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I'll have to dig and find out who built this. Beautiful, isn't it? How fun to snuggle up in front of the window with  a battery operated heater of some kind nearby (is there such a thing that wouldn't spark flames?), popcorn, thermal underwear, those sub-zero sleeping bags, hot chocolate.... I bet the view is amazing. Oh, and those socks and gloves that heat up would…


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From Charlemagne to Now, An Oak Tree Inspires

There is an article in this month's Garden Design Magazine about an ancient "Chapel Oak" in the tiny French farming village of Allouville-Bellfosse in Upper Normany. The tree holds two tiny chapels built in 1669. 


I just love when people cherish unique…


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Who Is This Playhouse Really For?

Today's New York Times ran Child's Play, Grown-Up Cash, an article about treehouses and playhouses.  I was excited about it until I saw this picture and started reading.  Apparently luxury playhouses and treehouses are a booming business, but…


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Our Treehouse Is a Cover Model!



Our wonderful wheelchair accessible treehouse designed by Atlanta architect Amy Leathers has made the cover of the 2011 Directory for AIA Georgia (An Association of The American Institute of Architects).

The treehouse was a real labor of love for Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia, an hour outside of Atlanta.  Amy Leathers, an architect with…


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No Ideas for How to Build a Fort?

Leave it to the great Dwell Magazine to inspire! This is the Czech exhibit at the Venice Biennale and it is incredible. Everything was built from simple wooden slats. I love that they let the kids go to build whatever they wanted.…


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A Little Play at Work Has Got to Be a Good Thing

Any friend of trees is a friend of mine.

I was in Avondale Estates today checking out a playground that the city is thinking about improving. As I was heading back, I noticed a sign for Arborguard, the wonderful "tree guys" who helped on the Camp Twin Lakes treehouse project (and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Canopy Walk, and....). I stopped in for a quick hello and a tour, and this is what…


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I Got to Meet One of My Heroes Yesterday

When I think treehouses, I don't necessarily think of the kind we used to build when I was a kid.

That is in large part because of the brilliant artistry of Roderick Romero.…


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This picture doesn't look like a significant memory, but it is one. I remember how triumphant I felt reaching the top of that great height (even with my grandmother behind me and my mother in front of me). As I got older, it wasn't the playgrounds that drew me in. The greatest playing we did in our neighborhood was building forts and putting on plays and carnivals. Oh, and spending hours in the woods playing "Man from…


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When you've seen a child's drawing become a real treehouse that serves an entire camp, you understand that we seriously believe that kids are the experts on play.

Get every child you know to enter the PLAYABLE KIDS International Design Competition or before February 26, 2010. Their ideas will become the playgrounds of tomorrow when they serve to inspire the architects, artists,… Continue

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New Video About Treehouse and Totem Poles at Camp

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has put out a video about our treehouse and their amazing efforts to line the Camp Twin Lakes' nature trail with totem poles. The sculpture students did such a great job.

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Camp Twin Lakes Treehouse Lead Story on ArchDaily

Our wonderful treehouse is the lead story on the blog today! I am so pleased that they ran pictures of the campers' original designs. It speaks well of the architect Amy Leathers of Lord, Aeck and Sargent, that she paid such close attention to the campers' wishes and incorporated them into her design. I remember the day when I sat sorting through the hundred drawings and… Continue

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The Campers are in the New Treehouse!

The new wheelchair-accessible treehouse at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, GA is open and the sounds of kids drumming waft across the lake.

Click on the yellow title above to open up the picture album.

The kids are really enjoying this amazing structure that took two years and a lot of dreams and sweat to build. Kudos to architect Amy Leathers from Lord, Aeck & Sargent for her brilliant design.…


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Watch this video to see why play matters!! 

Aqui esta en Español: 

FANTASTIC blog about playgrounds: Playscapes



Pretty much everything you ever needed to know about play.

And, of course, KaBOOM!

Playgroundology, an emerging social science. 


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Ethan E., our first donor


Ethan's grandmother gave him a gift of $25. He gave $20 to ATOP so more Atlanta kids will have great places to play. He kept $5 to get something cool for himself. We think Ethan is pretty cool!

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