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Shadows With a Life of Their Own

This idea of a streetlight that makes shadows based on the memory of your shadow is such a fun idea. It was created by the design team of Chomko & Rosier for a Playable City competition in the UK. 

I know this is wrong of me, but I tend to not care much about playful designs…


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Remembering What Was Learned at Play

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders reflects on the benefits of street play when he was a child in Brooklyn, NY. The inset is a picture of Senator Sanders and his older brother in front of the same building.

This is NOT a political statement. Click on the image above to see a…


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There's Magic at Your Feet All Over Town

Tiny doors are appearing in the most unexpected places.

Little sprinkles of fairy dust and wonder have been cropping up over Atlanta for the past year or so in the shape of tiny . The magicians making it happen are highlighted in an article on today. Anything that brings wonder to human hearts of any and all…


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The Wall Street Journal Cites Play Chastain's Innovation

Innovations in play have gone mainstream!

The Tuesday, November 20, 2012 edition of The Wall Street Journal highlights Atlanta's ambitious new Play Chastain project as a leading example of the…


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What Do You Mean "Go Play In the Street"?

In early August, Play Scotland shut down a major street in city of Edinburgh, Scotland  so that children would have a place to play. In spite of a little rain, there was a great turn out and great fun to be had with the simplest of things like sand…


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Playable Design Competition Winner is Being Installed At Last!

At long last, our Playable10 International Design Competition winner is arriving at its new home! Installation of the winning design begins Saturday morning (June 23, 2012) in downtown Atlanta's Woodruff Park. The play structure will be unveiled…


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So Simple....So Playful

La ville molle (part III) from Raum Raum on Vimeo.

Once again, the Playscapes blog makes a brilliant discovery of…

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Somedays It's OK To Play in the Street

More and more communities are closing down their streets so everyone can play.

What a brilliant idea. A few weeks ago Atlanta closed some streets downtown for bikes, pedestrians and play. It was such a success that they're picking a date to do it again. I saw the same thing in Boston recently. There's something magical about playing where you normally can't even walk. It makes me think of that You Tube video where…


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Oh, Yes. Art is Play!

Fantastic playful chalk street drawings at a Street Art Festival. Chronicled on Slow Family Online Love it! Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman…


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Coal Yard Turned Nature Preserve in the Heart of London

Camley Street Natural Park is an acclaimed nature preserve alongside Regent's Canal in the King's Cross area of London.

Camley is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It was once a coal yard and is now a beautiful, natural…


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