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Playing with a Hairbrush and Colors?

Who said play has to be on a playground? Not us! We love playgrounds, of course, but play is also funny and creative and artistic, and did we mention funny?…


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Symposium on Design for Children, Families and Nature in the City

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We're Going to the A.T.L.!

I hear it was an amazing weekend in downtown Atlanta. The streets were closed off for bicycles, and play, and poetry, and families, and fun. How many major cities have a playground right in the heart of downtown? Atlanta does! And, it looks like the saying, "If you build it they will come." is true! Fantastic Woodruff Park. (Thanks to Cooper Holland for the…


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Cardboard Box + Kid + Scissors = WOW!

Even if you've already seen this, it is worth watching again.

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I'll have to dig and find out who built this. Beautiful, isn't it? How fun to snuggle up in front of the window with  a battery operated heater of some kind nearby (is there such a thing that wouldn't spark flames?), popcorn, thermal underwear, those sub-zero sleeping bags, hot chocolate.... I bet the view is amazing. Oh, and those socks and gloves that heat up would…


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What's a Father To Do?

While visiting our neighbors the Thorntons the other day, Chris showed me this wonderful photograph of his daughter Melissa, now a teenager. I asked him to share how this event came to be:


Melissa ........

Being new to the stay at home dad situation I was always trying to come up with new ways to entertain my little girl.

I pulled in the…


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Can Play Be Learning In Disguise?

If a child is learning something is it still play? Absolutely! Kids love to tinker with things, but how often do they get the chance? Kids love working with grown-up tools, but how often are they allowed to do so? Teach kids a few basic rules about handling tools safely and let them take apart something that is gathering dust in the attic...a coffee pot, an old radio, a hairdryer...  You…


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ATOP Article on Recess in Atlanta Magazine

Check out my article "Play WIth a Purpose: Why Children Need Recess" in the January 2011 Atlanta Magazine issue on education.  I always say that recess and play aren't just fun and games.  They are essential components of a healthy childhood.  Click here for a link to the…


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A Farm Camp for Kids

Camper hand prints.

A team of Camp Twin Lakes' staff and volunteers drove up to Brevard, North Carolina in early October to visit Gwynn Valley Camp. Seventy-five-year-old Gwynn Valley has a wonderful farm that provides food, fun and education for their campers. Camp Twin Lakes is researching building a…


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Is Reading Play?

Can reading be play? Absolutely! It's play for your mind and your imagination. And, so is storytelling. See this picture? Get your kids to make up a story about the creatures here. Who are they? Where do they come from? They're looking at you. Are you one of them, too, or are you you? I'd like to be one of them simply because I think being able to blow bubbles out of your ears would be incredible.…


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No Ideas for How to Build a Fort?

Leave it to the great Dwell Magazine to inspire! This is the Czech exhibit at the Venice Biennale and it is incredible. Everything was built from simple wooden slats. I love that they let the kids go to build whatever they wanted.…


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Playing Around the World

ArtWorks for Youth is a wonderful program in South Africa that provides visual arts tutoring and mentoring to under-served students.

Car made by a child by Abongile Hole

Recently the children were sent out with cameras and a list of subjects to photograph using all the lessons they had…


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Oh, Yes. Art is Play!

Fantastic playful chalk street drawings at a Street Art Festival. Chronicled on Slow Family Online Love it! Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman…


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Princess Diana Memorial Playground in London

This is such a beautifully designed playground. I was struck by the peaceful use of landscaping.

The playground is divided up into multiple areas, almost like rooms. It gives such a sense of intimacy to what is really a large space.

The playground is based on the story of Peter Pan and this lovely old carved log has a real fairy tale feel to…


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One Big Playable Painting

Glamis Adventure Playground in London is like one amazing playable painting. I've never seen anything like it. Many more pictures to come!

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You Want Baby Einstein? Back Off and Let Your Child Play

Remember when you or your wife was pregnant and it seemed that everybody else in the world was pregnant, too? Right now, it seems to me that everybody is writing and reporting on the same thing: quit pushing your kids so hard, let them play and they'll learn more. But, are we getting the message?

There was a piece on Nightline titled, "…

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How Can We Be Anti-Luddite AND Pro-Play?

David Elkind, professor emeritus of child development at Tufts University, has a great op-ed in today's New York Times called Playtime is Over. The best recess coaching program around? Playworks!

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Could Play Be the World's Common Language?

These children from the Acholi Quarter in Uganda spent their afternoon yesterday drawing pictures for the Playable Kids International Design Competition. They are lovely pictures and we are so happy to have them be a part of Playable Kids.

Children all around the world have been excited by the request to draw what play feels like to them and it has me…


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What Is It About a Snow Day?

I've been so concerned about kids not playing outdoors anymore. I've been pondering how to change things, so I decided to look at when kids voluntarily dash outside. I've noticed two basic times: (1) when they are at school and it's time for recess, and (2) when it's snowing. Can you think of any others?…


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5 Year-Old from Istanbul, Turkey Enters Playable Kids International Design Competition

This wonderful drawing about "My Idea of Fun" comes from Ada, a 5 year-old from Istanbul, Turkey. It is an entry into the Playable Kids design competition. The whole point of Playable Kids is to get children to inspire the architects, designers, artists, and others who are competing in the Playable 2010 design competition. The children's competition closes on February 26, 2010. Go to…


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