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A Vote in Favor of Recess

Read it and weep happy tears...

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Look at Them Looking

"Look at them, looking," he once urged me as we watched some children draw- and then he added, "their eyes meeting the world." He wished that schools, especially, would take the child as artist more seriously: "A youngster drawing is a youngster thinking, a youngster telling you a hell of a lot. When will we know that?" When he asked such questions,…


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Play! Play! Play!

What if children's education opened them up to the passion, talent, and joy inside their hearts and minds? What if?

Tonight I saw a wonderful story on Sixty MInutes about a symphony in Kinshasa in Congo. The musicians played and sang with such joy. It seemed that most came to music very late and thanks only to the…


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School Should Be The Window

In my high school we all chose quotes to go beneath our senior pictures. My quote was "I meant to do my work today, but a brown bird sang in the apple tree." I thought of that old quote today when I saw this cartoon by David Horsey of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. This makes me so incredibly sad and so incredibly angry.


Look at the faces in the…


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Why Play?

The other day a documentary filmmaker asked me why I do the work I do. It's a question that you'd think I'd have a ready answer for, but I didn't.

Honestly, why is play so important to me? I know all the facts, theories and statistics about why play is important to people, but that's a different question entirely. I woke up with a start this morning at about 4:30 AM thinking about the question and a possible answer: play is a gift and it's a gift I want everyone to…

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Watch this video to see why play matters!! 

Aqui esta en Español: 

FANTASTIC blog about playgrounds: Playscapes



Pretty much everything you ever needed to know about play.

And, of course, KaBOOM!

Playgroundology, an emerging social science. 


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Ethan E., our first donor


Ethan's grandmother gave him a gift of $25. He gave $20 to ATOP so more Atlanta kids will have great places to play. He kept $5 to get something cool for himself. We think Ethan is pretty cool!

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