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An Engaging Idea in London (from 2012)

In 2012, an artist in London created an interactive "invisible fence" that passersby couldn't resist. Check out the City Lab article Parks Weren't Always for Everybody  for the history behind the article's title, disappearing park…


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Play Everywhere

I love the idea of play being everywhere, not just at the playground. When I was a kid (oh,…


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Shadows With a Life of Their Own

This idea of a streetlight that makes shadows based on the memory of your shadow is such a fun idea. It was created by the design team of Chomko & Rosier for a Playable City competition in the UK. 

I know this is wrong of me, but I tend to not care much about playful designs…


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A Decades-Old Memory of Playing in Baltimore

This is not an ordinary slide you see before you. This is the slide that three-year-old me slid down on the way to buy shoes. It was magic. The anticipation of arriving at the store that you entered via a slide is so vivid and alive that it is as if it happened yesterday, instead of (gulp) 59 years ago. This piece of magical history still exists in Towson,…


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Symposium on Design for Children, Families and Nature in the City

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Design a City to Embrace Children, Please

This Capitol Hill (DC) treehouse has sparked debate among neighbors, with some saying it shouldn't have been constructed 20 inches over their property line into the alley. (Larry Janezich/Capitol Hill Corner)

Have you ever noticed how many people who don't have a dog can't tolerate dogs,…


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Yes. Play in a City Is Good for the Entire City

Everyone is talking about attracting "Millennials" to Atlanta to help build a vibrant, creativity-based economy, but what about keeping (aka sustaining) that population as they grow and have families? They don't stop being creative and good for the city when they have children, they become MORE interested than ever in having a great place to live. It's just…


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Atlanta Will Be Extraordinary

These 21 swings line a Montreal street every year, and they make beautiful music when they move (click on the picture to see the video.) That's the kind of thing that can make a place special. 

Atlanta needs to be special. Not, "Wow, you wouldn't believe all the stuff you can buy here" special, but "Wow, when you're in Atlanta you can just feel the care that goes into everything. It's like…


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Atlanta Named Playful City USA for 7th Year in a Row

Seven years ago we made this video for the City of Atlanta's entry into the national competition with KaBOOM!, the playground non-profit organization. Not only did we come in first place, but, more importantly, we continue to focus on creating play opportunities for the children of Atlanta. 

Recently, Atlanta became one of only a handful of cities to…


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Does a Child Have the Right to Play?

A cloud of the most frequently used words in the Convention on the Rights of the Child


In 1989/90, the Convention on the Rights of…


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Something To Consider

"A city that has no room for the child is a diabolical thing."

 Aldo van Eyck

Look around the City of Atlanta.  Are we making room for our children? Are we thinking of children when we design shiny, hip and splashy mixed-use…


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Atlanta Named Playful City USA for Fifth Consecutive Year

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has announced “The City of Atlanta is extremely proud to be named ‘Playful City USA’ for the fifth consecutive year. Atlanta will continue to lead the way in offering physical alternatives and recreational activities for improving the lives of our children. Creating…


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What Is It About Play in New York City?

Librado Romero - 1972: Heavenly relief in Hell's Kitchen.


What is it about New York City and play? Maybe it's just that there have always been a lot of fantastic photographers roaming around New York City over the years and that is why I am always stumbling across great pictures of kids playing there.  This fabulous…


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Vertical Farms = Vertical Playgrounds?

This design for a vertical farm looks a lot like the climbing web I saw in Paris (in the previous post). It got me to thinking, if you can create a vertical farm that needs fresh air and sunlight so the plants can grow in a crowded urban area, why couldn't you create a vertical playground that needs fresh air, sunlight and fun so that kids can grow in a crowded urban…


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Atlanta Named Playful City USA for 4th Consecutive Year



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FANTASTIC blog about playgrounds: Playscapes



Pretty much everything you ever needed to know about play.

And, of course, KaBOOM!

Playgroundology, an emerging social science. 


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Ethan E., our first donor


Ethan's grandmother gave him a gift of $25. He gave $20 to ATOP so more Atlanta kids will have great places to play. He kept $5 to get something cool for himself. We think Ethan is pretty cool!

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