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An Old Idea Becomes Radically New

Is Atlanta ready for a new old kind of playground? What if we did an experiment in which we tried out an adventure playground like they did at Governor's Island in New York? This is an incredible idea whose time came, went and is back again! Think about it.…


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Don't Forget to Bring Some Junk to Play With!

Take a few minutes to watch a fun little film on play and called "Play". It is from our friends at Play Wales who are quite brilliant when it comes to all things play. (Click on the picture to get the video to play.) 

There is a "concept" of play called "loose parts play," that basically means that kids…


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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Glamis, Bernard + Penny!

Bernard Spiegal of PLAYLINK on Glamis Adventure Playground from Little Creatures Films on Vimeo.


It's Thanksgiving morning and I'm a little under the weather, so I'm curled up in bed feeling somewhat wistful and…


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Tick, tock, tick, tock

This morning at the Imagination Playground at Burling Slip....5:25AM. They must have turned off the live camera to keep people like me in suspense. Two and a half days to go! The Thank You party is Monday at 5 and the grand opening is Tuesday at noon. I'll have to remember to take a picture of the completed playground standing in this spot. We leave for New York Monday morning. I'm so excited about this trip to see David…


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One Big Playable Painting

Glamis Adventure Playground in London is like one amazing playable painting. I've never seen anything like it. Many more pictures to come!

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Watch this video to see why play matters!! 

Aqui esta en Español: 

FANTASTIC blog about playgrounds: Playscapes



Click for the Find a Playground app to put on your phone.

Playworks 2010-2011 PLAYBOOK

Pretty much everything you ever needed to know about play.

And, of course, KaBOOM! Find a playground, plan a Play Day, how to build a playground, and much, much more.

Playgroundology, an emerging social science. 


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Ethan E., our first donor


Ethan's grandmother gave him a gift of $25. He gave $20 to ATOP so more Atlanta kids will have great places to play. He kept $5 to get something cool for himself. We think Ethan is pretty cool!

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